Carte d’Inari

Route from Fushimi Inari Shrine to Ganriki-san

Carte d’Inari
The Approach to Mt. Inari

The Route Map from Fushimi Inari Taisha to Ganriki-san Shrine.

Mt. Inari is 232 meters above sea level. It is familiar as the southernmost sacred peak in the Higashiyama mountain range, starting from Mt. Hiei. In the old pine and cedar forest of Mt. Inari, about ten thousand torii gates were dedicated by the faithful, and especially the “One Thousand Torii” area is quite notable. It takes about 30 minutes to walk from the foot of Mt. Inari to Ganriki-san Shrine. Moreover, there are many shrines other than Ganriki-san in Mt. Inari. If you visit all the shrines (such a tour is called Oyama-meguri, or mountain pilgrimage), the total distance will be 4 km, and it will take about 2 hours to go around the mountain.

Toilet Map in Mt.Inari

  • Public Toilet at Okusha Hohaisho (Okusha Hohaisho)
  • Public Toilet, a 5 minutes walk back from Kumatakasha (Kumatakasha)
  • Public Toilet at Gozendani Hohaisho (Gozendani Hohaisho)

You might want to confirm the exact locations of toilets by signboards on the spot before you set foot in Mt. Inari.
Especially, be sure to check the locations if you are with children.

  • This map shows approximate time span to walk from main shrine (excluding worship and rest time).
  • Download the pdf of the map freely.
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