Miraculous power of Ganriki-san Shrine

Ganriki-san, a deity enshrined in Mt. Inari where Fushimi-Inari Taisha in Kyoto is located, is said to bring you blessings of recovery from eye diseases as well as of foresight.

La force de Ganriki-sha
Miraculous blessings of Ganriki-san Torii gates dedicated to the shrine as tokens of gratitude for wishes that came trueGanriki-san has miraculous power, which has been popular among in securities industry.

Miraculous blessings of Ganriki-san

There are many legends about Ganriki-san, one of which has it that a blind man got his vision back. Another tale has it that a company in financial difficulty recovered in performance.

Ganriki-san is a deity of eyes who helps many of those with eye disease recover by his mysterious power. Nowadays, many people and their families from all over Japan visit Ganriki-san, who pray for the healing of their illnesses such as cataracts, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, visual loss, corneal disease and seeing floater, and success of the eye surgeries they are undergoing.

Miraculous blessings for business, management and investment

Other than healing eye problems, Ganriki-san is famous as a deity of foresight. Secretly it is believed that those who want successes can accomplish their goals by visiting Ganriki-san for worship, such as office workers who would like to promote, market traders hoping insight into the market trends, and students preparing for entrance exams.

Ganriki-san has many legends that he gave miraculous blessings to those who prayed sincerely for their wishes to come true as a deity of eye diseases and insights. Although Ganriki-san was known to few previously, many people are visiting Ganriki-san to make their wish come true as the reputation spreads through word of mouth. Even if you are a foreign tourist visiting Kyoto, Japan by chance, you might be linked to Ganriki-san by the fate of some kind. If you have an opportunity to visit Fushimi Inari Taisha, why don't you visit Ganriki-san Shrine for worship? Ganriki-san makes your wish come true indeed.

Ganriki-san Shrine, a deity known to few

Miraculous blessings for business, management and investment

Miraculous blessings of Ganriki-san have been passed down from generation to generation.