Souvenirs from Ganriki-san Shrine

Souvenirs you can get only at Ganriki-san shop.

Souvenirs from Ganriki-san Shrine
Visit Ganriki-tei Shop after worship You can get offerings such as candles at Ganriki-tei Shop.You can get miraculous souvenirs at Ganriki-tei Shop.

Miraculous souvenirs from Ganriki-tei Shop.

It is said from old times that a variety of souvenirs you can get only at Ganriki-tei Shop brings you good lucks miraculously. You can get offerings and candles for worship at Ganriki-tei Shop across from Ganriki-san Shrine. Mrs. Hattori and her family have been taking care of Ganriki-san Shrine for over three generations, where souvenirs you cannot get elsewhere are available, as well as offerings. If you like one of them, it will be the memorial of your worship.

Souvenirs you can get only at Ganriki-san shop.

La calligraphie “謙虚と感謝” “Humilité et Remerciement” est un objet de souvenir populaire. LCalligraphy writhing "Modesty and Gratitude" is a popular souvenir.

Among other things, calligraphy writing that reads "Modesty and Gratitude" is so popular that many people buy one after worship. It is said that things get better miraculously in several months if you decorate your room with this calligraphy writing and keep "Modesty and Gratitude" in mind as it reads. This story continues to be handed down among successful men. As a result, business owners and market traders visit Ganriki-san Shrine for worship and get the calligraphy writings.

Miraculous blessing passed down over generations.

There are more souvenirs which have been passed down over generations. For example, a golden straw rice bag is popular, which brings you good lucks with huge harvests and good business, as well as a small calligraphy card you can carry in your wallet.

Many people say their earnest desires came true after putting the souvenirs around them. Some people come to Ganriki-san Shrine to get other goods to feel more familiar with Ganriki-san after their wishes come true.

Ganriki notebook by Ganriki-san Shrine

Ganriki notebook by Ganriki-san Shrin

Dream notebook to write down your goal and desire to fulfill. Write down your wish and read over what you wrote in it, and repeat that repeatedly to "attract" your desire strongly. It is a widely known method to make your wish come true.

  • 600 yen each.

Achieving Goal Eraser of Ganriki-san.

Achieving Goal Eraser of Ganriki-san.

The more you use it, the closer you get to your dream, putting all other thoughts out of your mind. Achieving Goal Eraser of Ganriki-san. It has letters of "Ganriki" on its vermilion case, which is the same color as the torii-gates. Vermillion is said to be a color of charm against evil spirits. This vermilion eraser banishes your worldly thoughts and hardship during business and study.

  • 400 yen each.

Golden rice-bag of Ganriki-san

Golden rice-bag of Ganriki-san

Put one in an entrance hall, a kitchen or a toilet to be lucky with money. In Mt.Inari at Fushimi, you cannot get this souvenir anywhere except the Ganriki-tei Shop.

  • small (smile rice-bag) 600 yen each
  • medium (happiness rice-bag) 700 yen each
  • large (full-up rice-bag) 900 yen each
  • extra-large (billionaire rice-bag) 1800 yen each

Calligraphy Card of Ganriki-san

Calligraphy Card of Ganriki-san

A calligraphy card of Ganriki-san is the right size to be carried in your wallet or pass case. Every time you use your wallet or pass case, the words on it seep into your mind. Eventually, you get the wisdom of the words and make it your own.

  • 200 yen each

Calligraphy Medal of Ganriki-san

Calligraphy Medal of Ganriki-san

"Soil faith" has been handed down for generations in the Fushimi Inari Taisha. It has been believed that a farmer who buries an earthenware made of soil and water in Mt.Inari can have a good harvest and that a Japanese sake brewer can brew delicious sake by putting such an earthenware in his brewery. A calligraphy medal made of soil kneaded with water of purification fountain at Ganriki-san Shrine is famous for its blessing of good business and fulfillment of prayer.

  • 250 yen each

Cushion of Ganriki-san Shrine

Cushion of Ganriki-san

Put favorite things on this cushion with feelings of gratitude, such as a coin purse, eyeglasses and a wristwatch. It will increase your luck, taking care of your things.

  • Cushion of Ganriki-san (Double) 2,800 yen each
  • Mini Cushion of Ganriki-san (Double) 1,800 yen each
  • Cushion for a purse (Single) 1,600 yen each
  • Midget Cushion 1,000 yen each
Ganriki-Taisha-Mae, 19 Kan’yu-chi, Inari-Yama, Fushimi-Ward, Kyoto-City, 612-0882, Japan
TEL/FAX +81-75-641-6051
Ganriki-san Shrine, a deity known to few

Miraculous blessings for business, management and investment

Miraculous blessings of Ganriki-san have been passed down from generation to generation.